MCS – Mathematics and Computer Science

The “Mathematics and Computer Science” track explores several interfaces between pure mathematics and computer science:

  • Algebra, Number Theory, Cryptology
  • Logic, Foundations of mathematics, and Formal Methods (including Set theory, Automated Reasoning, Proving programs to be correct, etc)
  • Algorithmics (including probabilistic aspects)

It is similar in spirit to the “Algorithms and Foundations of Programming languages” track, but with actual courses from the Maths Department (which, among other things, allow to envisage a more advanced specialisation in Cryptology in the following years of training).


 Recommended Curriculum for Year 2 (M2):

    • M2 AFP @ Paris-Saclay: Algorithms and Foundations of Programming Languages
    • M2 LMFI: Logique Mathématique et Fondements de l’Informatique (in which case you should take INF551 and INF565)
    • M2 MIC: Master Mathématiques et Informatique appliqués à la Cryptologie (in which case you should take INF558 and INF568)

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