Herbrand @ Polytechnique

Herbrand @ Polytechnique offers a range of Masters tracks; the coursework all takes place at Ecole Polytechnique. The year is organised as follows:

Semester 1, from September to February, is divided into two periods:
– Period 1: September – November
– Period 2: December – February
In each period, students take 4 courses; each course consists of a four-hour class every week, over 9 weeks (+ exam). Each class is split with a break, and usually consists of a lecture and a practical. An additional research project is spread over the two periods.

Semester 2, from March to August, is entirely devoted to the research internship.

Look up the different tracks in the top menu Herbrand @ Polytechnique (still possibly subject to small modifications), and which specialisations they naturally lead to for the second year of Master.

Important: Applicants to the Herbrand @ Polytechnique programmes are required to clearly indicate, in their motivation letter, which one of the tracks they wish to undertake, and which specialisation they aim at for their second year of Master. Please make sure that the track to which you apply corresponds to your desired subject, and prepares you adequately for your intended second year of Masters.

Students following Herbrand @ Polytechnique will register with the Graduate School of Ecole Polytechnique. Ecole Polytechnique will manage administrative aspects of academic registrations, including fees, and provide support for life on campus.